Riding a motorcycle is fun, but it is also dangerous. Here are some tips for you new riders to help you avoid Tulsa Car Accident Lawyer.

Whether they’re buying a new or new-to-them motorcycle, motorcycle riders need to be prepared even before they take that first ride.

Motorcycle Helmets Prevent Injury

Riders who are buying their first motorcycle should start that preparation in a motorcycle accessories shop. They should buy the best helmet they can afford. The cost of a helmet isn’t very important compared to the cost of a head injury sustained in a motorcycle crash. Not all states require riders to wear helmets, but even when states do not require this, a wise rider wears one all the time to protect his head from serous head or brain injuries. After all, a brain is a horrible thing to lose.

Helmets should be U.S. Department of Transportation approved. Helmets are an individual preference, but experienced riders prefer a full helmet with a face shield. If the helmet doesn’t have a face shield, wear goggles. Nothing is more distracting to a rider than a bug splatting his unprotected eye while he’s cruising down the freeway.

Lessons and Classes

If a person has never ridden a motorcycle before, lessons are a must before he takes to the road. Most states offer classes in how to ride a motorcycle; at the end of the course, riders are qualified to take their rider’s license test.

Just like automobile drivers, bikers should obey all traffic rules, including following speed limits. A good percentage of motorcycle accidents, especially fatal accidents, involve riders who drank alcohol and then decided to ride. Classes can help educate you so you are better prepared to prevent accidents, injuries and learn the importance of obeying rules, laws and regulations.

Be familiar with the motorcycle, including knowing your limits when it comes to the bike‘s size. A 750cc goes faster and rides differently than a 1700cc; a rider upgrading his motorcycle should be comfortable riding the new bike before taking a major trip.

Defensive Riding

Drive defensively, as though other drivers “are out to kill you,” according to one experienced rider. Many automobile drivers don’t pay as much attention to their driving as they should; they especially aren’t looking out for motorcycles. A good many accidents happen when auto drivers follow motorcycles too closely, pass them inappropriately or make a left turn in front of them. A good motorcyclist always pays attention to what other drivers are doing. No matter the cause of an accident, motorcyclists are going to be hurt worse than a car’s driver and passengers. They’re not surrounded by a box of metal that will deflect some of the impact and keep them from flying through the air.

Motorcycle Insurance

Good insurance is a must, even if it’s not required by state law. A savvy rider insures his motorcycle against damage – motorcycle repairs are expensive, plus the bike may be more quickly declared totaled than an automobile. Underinsured or Uninsured coverage should be seriously considered for anyone that rides. This coverage will help you if the person whom is at fault for your motorcycle accident is either uninsured or does not have enough liability insurance coverage to pay the full value of your injury or accident claim. This coverage can be added to your existing coverage if a motorcycle rider does not already have it. While more automobiles hit motorcycles than vice versa, liability insurance comes in handy if the biker causes the accident.

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Ride safe Tulsa !