Hiring an Injury Attorney if You’re Injured in a Car Accident in Tulsa

Life has its own ups and downs, but when you are injured in a car accident, your life changes drastically. Whether it was a car accident, motorcycle accident or truck collision, it can be very stressful; emotionally, physically, legally and financially.

Certainly, you can elect to deal with the insurance companies on your own, but you might not get the compensation you deserve. Filing an insurance claim is the simple part. It is what happens after the claim is filed that becomes complex and technical.

Injury Laws Differ from State to State

The laws regarding auto accident personal injuries are different in each state. That is one reason why you might benefit from hiring an attorney if you’ve been injured in a car accident. A personal injury lawyer has extensive knowledge about every rule and law in your state and nationwide.

You probably would not hire an attorney who specialized in dental care if you are injured in an auto accident, right? Locating the most experienced lawyer in automobile collisions and personal injuries could benefit you greatly. Even filing an insurance claim might require legal assistance.

Additional Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury attorneys deal with these kinds of cases daily and have proficient knowledge about deadlines for filing claims and dealing with insurance companies. Car accident lawyers are additionally very familiar with courtrooms, state and government agencies, and are proficient with fact gathering.

Your personal injury attorney can additionally help you with the insurance claim. Experienced lawyers communicate well, verbal and written communication. That is another benefit of hiring an experienced car accident law firm.

Accident lawyers have seen it all – from the worst to the best scenarios. They deal with each client’s insurance claim on an individual basis. Experienced lawyers also deal with insurance agencies and courts regularly regarding car, truck and motorcycle accidents and getting the compensation each client deserves for his or her personal injuries.

Why you might benefit from hiring an experienced car accident law firm:

  • Well-informed attorneys will investigate the case and make certain that there are no additional factors that the defendant or insurance agency might try to use to hurt your case
  • Experienced personal injury lawyers will negotiate every aspect of your car, truck or motorcycle accident to get you the best compensation you deserve (even with filing an insurance claim) – they negotiate with insurance companies, in your best interest, so you are able to avoid additional stress
  • Personal injury attorneys with experience in handling these claims are better able to advise you as to what a reasonable and just settlement would be for your car accident injuries – that way, you could see whether the insurance payment is reasonable or not
  • Lawyers with knowledge about personal injuries are advocates for victims of car, truck or motorcycle accidents – they know how to get their clients just and full compensation

Most personal injury attorneys offer free personal injury consultations, so could be a win-win situation. Free consultations do not mean you are obligated to hire an attorney for your car accident injuries. After the consultation, though, you might realize just how much you could gain by having an experienced, reputable law firm handle your insurance claim and legal case.

Some Instances When You Might Want to Hire an Attorney if You’ve Been Injured in a Car Accident, Truck or Motorcycle Collision

  • If your injuries were minor and your medical costs were low, you might not need a lawyer. However, if any of the following applies to your personal injury case, you might wish to contact a lawyer who practices in this legal area:
  • The accident was not your fault, or it is unclear who was at fault – If the police accident report doesn’t specifically state who was at fault and it appears that you might be at fault, it is a good idea to consult with a car accident attorney – Proving who is at fault is a significant aspect of a personal injury case, and it will determine who gets awarded damages – these facts matter when you file an insurance claim
  • Sever injuries happened or long-term medical visits and care are necessary – An attorney can assist you and make certain you get all the compensation the law allows for your personal injuries. Lawyers are experts in this field of law and with negotiations that could maximize damages
  • Significant damage happened to your car, truck or motorcycle – The party who is at fault, or his or her insurance agency, is accountable for compensating damages done to your personal property – if the automobile or bike is a total loss, whomever is at fault (or his insurance company) must pay the proper amount for your vehicle loss as well.
  • The insurance agency is unwilling to pay – auto insurance companies only pay certain amounts – Proficient personal injury attorneys can guarantee that the maximum amount is awarded
  • Compensation is not enough – The first offer an insurance company provides might be lower than you deserve – A knowledgeable car accident and insurance claim lawyer can work in your best interests as an advocate
  • You are feeling pressure from an insurance agent to settle quicker than you wish to – Insurance adjusters are not obligated to offer the top level of compensation you are entitled to. They might try to get you to settle faster than you may wish to

If any of the above situations occurred or are still happening with you case, you might benefit from hiring a car accident attorney if you’ve been injured in a car, truck or motorcycle crash.

Personal Injury Statistics

In the United States and in other areas of the world, cars, trucks, or motorcycles are the only way people can get from one place to the other – and auto accidents are a certainty. With over 143 million U.S. drivers traveling every day, there is no doubt that automobile collisions will occur – and it appears that there is no end to these incidents in sight.

As car accident, personal injury, and automobile collision attorney, I know automobile accidents. For more information and statistics, you can visit the following websites: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

The amount and kinds of automobile collision fatalities/deaths vary vastly amidst the fifty states and the District of Columbia. The amount of people that live in one state has an obvious influence on the amount of car accident fatalities/deaths as well.

You might benefit from hiring an attorney if you’ve been injured in a car accident for several reasons. If you are experiencing:

• Pain and suffering
• Ongoing medical care, expenses related to medical care, physical therapy or other healthcare costs
• Complications or assistance needed with an insurance claim
• Have lost time from work and have no income coming in, or

Other stressful situations because of another party’s negligence, you might wish to consult an experienced insurance claim and personal injury lawyer. Experienced personal injury attorneys also know the laws and rules regarding deadlines for filing claims.

An aggressive personal injury attorney in Tulsa can build a solid case countering any attempt by the defendants to deflect responsibility. attorney you choose can matter. Always select a personal injury attorney with a long track record of excellent results for their clients.

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