Avoiding Personal Injury – Tips For Young Drivers

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Young drivers typically bring enthusiasm but little, if any, experience to operating a motor vehicle. Poor judgment in driving skills means that novice drivers need to compensate by taking their time, making wise choices and focusing on the task at hand, including keeping their eyes on the road and other drivers. By following several suggestions, inexperienced drivers can drive safely and avoid auto accidents and injuries which could cause irreparable damage that could scar them, or others, for life.

Night Driving

Some states place limits on permitting young drivers to drive at night. Because of decreased visibility, the risk of car wrecks can increase. Parents can set up family rules for the hours when teens drive, specifically related to nighttime driving.


A car full of teens can distract even the most experienced driver and cause an accident. For the novice driver, the problem intensifies due to a lack of maturity. Parents should talk with young people about how many people are allowed in the vehicle when their teen is driving.

Under The Influence

Young drivers should make a commitment to avoid using alcohol or drugs whenever they get behind the wheel. If they drink or use mood-altering substances while driving, they increase their chances significantly of impairing their ability to effectively operate a motor vehicle. In addition, if they are stopped by law enforcement personnel, they will certainly receive a ticket. Due to zero tolerance policies across the United States, a driver under the age of 21 will incur serious penalties, including arrest and the suspension of their driver’s license. Legal penalties can seem like nothing compared to the risk of causing someone personal injury or death because of your own negligence. As the responsible driver you may end up spending many years paying for another’s medical bills or worse.

Cell Phone Usage

Texting and driving has also made recent headlines, especially related to young drivers. In the instant a young person takes their eyes off the road to send a text, the person in front of them can slam on their brakes, causing an accident. Since the person who rear-ends another vehicle is often ticketed, the young driver has now added an expensive accident, possible injuries and increased insurance rates to their problems. In fact, teen drivers should avoid talking on their cell phones at all while behind the wheel in order to focus on their driving.

Seat Belts Prevent Injury

A young driver may be in a hurry and forget to use their seat belt. Teens need to be reminded to buckle up to cut the risk of serious injuries, such as a head injury, in case of an accident. Even if the young person is not at fault, a negligent driver can hit the young driver and cause personal injury.

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