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If you have been involved in a car accident and are seeking the finest car accident attorney in practice in Tulsa today, your first phone call should be to the Gorospe Law Group.

Attorney Anthony Gorospe specializes in personal injury litigation. Having formally worked on behalf of insurance carriers as a car accident defense attorney, attorney Anthony Gorospe is uniquely situated in that he understands the inner workings of defense attorney strategy and how they evaluate cases. It places him in a unique position above other personal injury attorneys when he negotiates on behalf of injured plaintiffs in Tulsa.

The Gorospe Law Group specializes in several complex fields of Tulsa personal injury law. Below are the four main areas of law that are the focus of The Gorospe law group.

Car Accident Cases in Tulsa

A car accident can be a traumatic event. Approximately 16,000 motor vehicle accidents take place each day in the United States. Attorney Anthony Gorospe invests the time to consult with each personal injury plaintiff himself, reviewing the facts and circumstances of each case in detail. At the Gorospe Law Group, the focus is on the client and making sure they are fully engaged in and a part of the process. We make sure to explain the rights and remedies to each client at the time of initial consultation.

Car accident cases require the skill that only an experienced personal injury attorney can offer. An injured plaintiff should be focused on recovering from their serious and possibly permanent personal injuries, not negotiating with insurance carriers, dealing with medical billing, the exchange of documentation and defense counsel. Anthony Gorospe is highly trained in these specific areas and eases the burden on any injured plaintiff by assuming all of these responsibilities himself.

During the course of time that you are recovering from your car accident injuries, a  personal injury attorney will obtain your medical records and craft a theory of liability and damages on your behalf in an effort to settle your case for maximum value. You will be advised that each case has two main elements: liability and damages. In hit in the rear cases, liability is typically resolved in favor of the injured plaintiff. However, in other types of car accident cases, liability is not so clear. These cases include T-Bone accidents, broadside hits and left turn in front cases. This is where the experience of The Gorospe Law Group shines, in that they will advocate on your behalf tirelessly to ensure that liability is resolved in your favor.

As for damages, a car accident plaintiff can expect to receive compensation for serious injuries. Serious injuries are typically defined as: death, dismemberment, permanent disfigurement, a fracture, loss of a fetus, permanent or consequential loss of a use of a body function or organ and the inability to engage in activities of daily living for ninety out of the first one hundred eighty days immediately following the car accident. The Gorospe Law Group is highly trained in successfully negotiating on behalf of an injured plaintiff and will ensure that you receive the highest settlement possible under Oklahoma state law.

In the event your case cannot settle for its maximum value we may file a lawsuit and litigate your case. Attorney Gorospe specializes in personal injury litigation and will fight for your rights all the way through trial to the time of the final verdict.

Motorcycle Accidents

Plaintiffs who have been involved in motorcycle accidents have unique cases. It is often the fact that motorcycle insurance policies do not include a section for payment of medical benefits in the event of an accident. Therefore, an injured plaintiff who is either the operator or a passenger on a motorcycle will require that the offending vehicle pay for their medical treatment.

Furthermore, motorcycle accidents also have unique facts and circumstances. Do not leave your motorcycle accident case in the hands of a personal injury firm that has not handled such matters in the past.

Motorcycle accidents are often challenged from the outset through the time of final verdict. There is rarely an “easy” motorcycle injury case. Medical benefits are always an issue, as are liability and damages. It is very often the case that the issue of medical benefits is the subject of arbitration, subrogation or litigation. Anthony Gorospe is a fighter and will go to bat for you with insurance companies to obtain payment for your treatment so that you can worry about what matters most – rehabilitation from your injuries in a timely fashion with the least amount of worry possible.

Commercial Trucking Accidents

Commercial truckers are often at fault for some of the most serious car accidents on the road. This is because truckers often drive at night, while distracted, in some cases under the influence of alcohol or drugs or long past the point where they should have taken a break. In some cases, commercial truck drivers simply do not have the skill to handle a truck that large or the truck itself has faulty conditions.

These factors often result in devastating accidents that sometimes cause permanent injuries and even fatalities. Attorney Gorospe has the experience in such matters to aggressively pursue the owner and operator of a commercial truck in the event you have been involved in such an accident. Commercial trucks often carry very high levels of insurance coverage and with those increased limits come terms and conditions that regular passenger vehicles do not contain.

As a former defense attorney, Anthony Gorospe understands what the defenses will be to a commercial trucking accident case before opposing counsel can even make them. You cannot put a price of this kind of plaintiff’s attorney advocacy. It is simply not common in this field of law and that is why consulting with and retaining the Gorospe Law Group is imperative if you have been involved in a commercial truck accident case.

Insurance Defense/Insurance Disputes

As a former insurance defense lawyer, Anthony Gorospe has over a decade of experience representing the interests of insurance companies. This places him in a unique position in that he knows how insurance procedures and protocols work from the inside out. This knowledge is invaluable when it comes time to negotiate settlements. Anthony Gorospe understands the factors which insurance companies value most and will emphasize those specific factors in your case while negotiating both liability and damages with the insurance carrier and attorneys for the defendant in your case.

Working as a defense attorney for over a decade provides a perspective on plaintiffs’ personal injury cases that almost no attorney in Tulsa possesses. Attorney Gorospe sees cases from both perspectives, which places him head and shoulders above any other Tulsa personal injury attorney. Anthony Gorospe is a Tulsa native and his focus is exclusively on the well-being and best interest of Tulsa and it’s fine citizens.

The Gorospe Law Group has been proudly representing the people of Tulsa for all of their personal injury, car accident claims and insurance disputes for over 15 years. The Gorospe Law Group has the experience of a large firm and the hands-on approach of a local boutique firm that will aggressively fight for your rights from the time of initial consultation through the final verdict.

You can rest assured that your case will be thoroughly prepared from the very first time you first consult with The Gorospe Law Group until the time of settlement or verdict. Anthony Gorospe and his team work tirelessly for you, advocating zealously every step of the way so that you can focus on what truly matters most – recovering from your injuries.

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident and are considering hiring an attorney, contact the Gorospe Law Group and schedule your initial consultation today. There is no obligation and you owe it to yourself to have the finest attorney in Tulsa personal injury law evaluate your case in person. Take the critical first step toward rehabilitating from your personal injuries and receiving maximum compensation and contact the Gorospe Law Group at (918) 582-7775 today!

An aggressive car accident injury attorney in Tulsa can assist and guide you to build a personal injury case, countering any attempt by a negligent defendant to avoid taking responsibility for your personal injuries or damages. The Gorospe Law Group car accident injury attorney law firm has a long track record of excellent results for their clients in Tulsa.

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