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Outfitting your car or your lifestyle with the latest products may feel natural, however new technologies are the primary cause for an alarming number of accidents causing personal injury to people. In-car DVD systems, navigation or GPS and hands-free devices can be the cause of major distraction to drivers. The accident statistics are increasingly alarming.

GPS Systems

Newer built in and voice activated GPS systems are becoming safer to use while operating a motor vehicle still many people rely on their handheld devices when driving. This hands on approach is the cause of many accidents. It is too easy to be distracted, looking down or searching around the car for your phone to use it’s GPS features. All it takes is just a few seconds for everything to go wrong.

You Watch Movies While Driving?

Many vehicles these days come equipped with dvd players and sometimes even multiple screens for viewing throughout the vehicle. In many cases the screen is in clear view of the driver and can be an all too easy distraction. Even if the driver isn’t actively watching the movie the light from the screen can cause blind spots for the driver. Watching a movie while flying down the road is never a good idea.

The Radio is Always a Better Solution

Instead of maximizing your usage of devices in your car while driving why not just turn on the radio instead? Radio has come a long way over the years and can be an excellent source of safer entertainment while driving, especially if you have a satellite radio subscription. Take the safe route. If you suffer personal injury or cause personal injury to another while fidgeting around in your car you may never recover fully and may never forgive yourself for causing injury to another person.

To be fair, new technologies are truly amazing and useful but we need to remember to pay more attention than ever. Being distracted by theses devices can potentially have destructive results. Take your time and think ahead.

The Gorospe Law Group Tulsa personal injury attorney encourages everyone to play it safe and take a moment to think ahead when operating a motor vehicle.