What are the Benefits of Having a Personal Injury Attorney on Your Side?

Car accidents are harrowing experiences that, sadly, happen all the time, often without warning. If you have been injured in a car accident, it’s important to know your rights and ensure that they are protected. You will want to hire a personal injury attorney to represent you, especially if you plan on filing a personal injury claim. You can get many benefits in having a personal injury attorney on your side. Some of these may be obvious while others may be lesser known or even surprising. Here are the benefits of hiring a personal injury attorney if you have suffered an injury in a car accident.

Knowledge of the Laws in Your State

No matter where you live, a personal injury attorney has full knowledge of the laws in your state regarding the road. Lawyers have experience and understand both traffic laws and the laws pertaining to personal injury. When you hire a personal injury attorney, you have a definite advantage versus representing yourself in your personal injury claim. Your lawyer can handle your claim with savvy expertise and use their knowledge of the law to your advantage in your claim, whether you get a quick settlement from the defendant’s insurance company or if your claim goes to trial.

Experience Dealing with Insurance Companies

One of the most invaluable advantages you can get from having a personal injury attorney on your side after you’ve been injured in a car accident is their extensive experience in dealing with insurance companies. They know all the tricks that insurance companies try to use when making settlement offers to injured plaintiffs and won’t fall prey to them. If you were to attempt to negotiate with an insurance company on your own, you would no doubt be subject to the unfair tactics they employ when dealing with laypeople and be offered a lowball settlement amount. A personal injury attorney, on the other hand, can effectively get a settlement amount that is more than fair and certainly satisfactory.

Knowledge of the Statute of Limitations

An attorney knows about the statute of limitations in their practicing state and will ensure that your claim is filed well within that time frame. This is the amount of time in which you are able to file a personal injury claim. Generally speaking, in most states, the statute of limitations is two years. That means you have up to two years from the time of the injury or from the time you became aware of the injury to file your claim. Attorneys know that if a claim is not filed within that time period, the court will not hear the case and you will not be able to recover compensation for your medical expenses and other damages.

Possibility of Other Damages in Your Personal Injury Case

Sometimes, car accident cases are complex depending on the specific circumstances. In that situation, there may be other types of damages to which you may be entitled. While you may not know about that, your personal injury attorney has the knowledge of it and can prove invaluable by informing you of all the damages you may receive in your case. For instance, you may be eligible for pain and suffering, which is a special type of damage in personal injury cases.

Ability to Prove the Other Party’s Liability

A personal injury attorney always gives you the advantage of knowing that you are in good hands when it comes to proving that the driver at fault for your car accident is liable for your injuries. To get compensation from the defendant’s insurance company or the individual themselves, liability must be proven. Your personal injury attorney can prove that the other driver owed you and everyone else on the road a duty of care to ensure safety; that they breached that duty; that your injuries came directly as a result of the breach of duty; and that you suffered damages as a result of your injuries.

If you were to represent yourself, you might have difficulty during your case because proving liability can be difficult. However, a personal injury attorney’s level of expertise and experience can benefit you in your claim.

Personal Injury Attorneys Save You Money

When you hire a personal injury attorney to represent you after suffering injuries in a car accident, you can actually save money. There is a common misconception that it would cost you money to hire a lawyer. However, a personal injury attorney generally works on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you only pay them a percentage of your settlement if you win your case. If you don’t win, you don’t have to pay at all. Taking this into consideration, it is definitely worth it financially to hire a personal injury attorney.

Personal Injury Attorneys Can Handle Cases Involving Multiple Parties

If the car accident was caused by more than one party, a skilled personal injury attorney can expertly handle separate claims against each at-fault party. This could involve multiple cases, which makes for a more complex legal situation. Without a personal injury attorney on your side, you have less likelihood of being able to recover compensation against all parties responsible for your injuries.

Personal Injury Attorneys Can Determine a Settlement for Severe Injuries

If your injuries from the car accident are severe, your case can become more complex, especially when pertaining to a settlement amount. Insurance companies fight harder against your claim due to having to fork over more money. However, your personal injury attorney can be a lifesaver by ensuring that you are not ignored. A lawyer will devise the best possible strategy to see to it that things go in your favor.

These are the most notable advantages you can reap when you hire a personal injury attorney. If you have been injured in a car accident, one of the first things you should do is get in touch with an experienced lawyer to ensure that your rights are protected.

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