Commercial Trucking Accidents

A commercial tractor-trailer careening down the road at breakneck speed is a frightening sight to any driver. The operator of that truck may be rushing to get to their destination, unaware that their lack of rest and unwillingness to take a break is putting everyone at risk.

At The Gorospe Law Group Personal Injury Law Firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma, our motor vehicle accident attorneys hold truck drivers who engage in this negligent behavior accountable when they injure you.

Our truck accident attorneys can handle all aspects of truck accident litigation. We know how and where to get the facts we need to build your case. Contact us at 918.582.7775.

When Regulations Are Violated, You Get Hurt in a Truck Accident.

Commercial truck drivers and their employers must not only observe the basic rules of the road, but also abide by federal regulations that govern the commercial trucking industry. There is a finite time they can spend on the road and mandates related to the rest they need. The loads they carry in their semi truck trailers must be a certain weight.

Any deviation from the regulations can result in tragedy.

The Diligence, Experience and Insight You Need.

At The Gorospe Law Group Personal Injury Law Firm, we get to work while you work on recovering. We secure evidence from the trucking company, including logbooks, driving records and “black box” data. We work with engineers and truck accident reconstructionists to identify where the negligence occurred.

In addition, co-founder Anthony F. Gorospe brings a background as an insurance defense attorney. Now, he is on the side of the injured. He is on your side.

Car Accidents

Most drivers that cause car accidents are just not paying attention or driving too fast. Inattentiveness and driving too fast are often the cause of car crashes. Sometimes a driver is more concerned with texting or making a “much-needed” cell phone call than with driving. Other times an impaired individual behind the wheel of a car who is just coming home from a night out can cause disaster ending in car accident related injuries.

Inattentiveness and impairment from alcohol or drugs are recipes for disaster. Tulsa car accident attorneys at the Gorospe Law Group are experienced car accident attorneys who aggressively pursue damages from those who choose to operate their car negligently causing innocent victims personal injury. Tulsa Car Accident Lawyer Taking the easy insurance settlement offered to you immediately following your accident will not make your life any easier. Take the time to speak to an experienced auto accident lawyer to learn more about what your options are.

The Pain and Pressures Following a Car Accident: Following your car accident, you feel the pain from injuries. Add to that the pressure from an overly aggressive insurance adjustor coercing you into settling fast. They may even try to trick you. They do not care about your short and long-term injuries and damages. They are not typically looking out for your best interests. All the insurance companies want to do is save money, which means paying you less than you deserve or nothing at all. Our Tulsa lawyers know what your needs are now and in the future and will attend to all the legal matters taking the pressure off of you and giving you time to recover from your car accident related injuries.

Building Your Car Accident Case with Experience, Expertise and Insight: At the Gorospe Law Group our Tulsa car accident lawyers employ an in-depth, detail-oriented approach to your car wreck. Our accident attorneys are hands-on, and they rely on the expertise of accident reconstructionists, medical professionals and other industry professionals to build your case. In addition, co-founder Anthony F. Gorospe brings a background as an insurance defense attorney. He knows how insurance companies settle and litigate car accident cases. Simply put, our Tulsa car accident attorneys provide a level of dedicated and knowledgeable representation that few other firms can provide.

Motorcycle Accidents

Serious motorcycle accident injuries can change your life forever. You have every reason to seek legal services from a good Tulsa motorcycle accident attorney.

The dream of owning a motorcycle and traveling down the open road can quickly turn into a nightmare. Drivers of cars and trucks often claim that they just “couldn’t see” motorcycles before they crashed into them. More likely, they were simply not paying attention or were under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Tulsa personal injury attorneys at the Gorospe Law Group advocate for injured motorcyclists in Tulsa and throughout the state Oklahoma.

Let our motorcycle accident attorneys hold a negligent car or truck driver accountable for causing your motorcycle accident. Our Tulsa motorcycle accident lawyers take an aggressive approach in pursuit of damages for your serious injuries.

While we handle cases that involve car and truck accidents, our practice of motorcycle accident litigation usually involves catastrophic injuries and even death. Motorcyclists do not have the luxury of an enclosed frame or any level of restraint. When a car or truck strikes a motorcycle, chances are the motorcyclist will suffer damage that is very serious to their bike and themselves.

With that in mind, we aggressively pursue damages against negligent individuals. At the Gorospe Law Group our job is to hold negligent persons accountable for not only the damages to your motorcycle, but also the catastrophic injuries you suffered.

Our motor vehicle accident attorneys in Tulsa Know How the Insurance Companies Work.

Tulsa motorcycle accident attorney Anthony F. Gorospe defended insurance companies in personal injury cases prior to joining our firm. He has a keen awareness about how they build cases and when they will choose to settle or litigate a motorcycle accident case. That background, insight and knowledge is invaluable to you. The Gorospe Law Group personal injury attorneys are experienced motorcycle accident lawyers.


Unfortunately suffering personal injuries from an assault is a very common occurrence. Assault occurs when someone attacks another without reason causing injury. Assault is a crime as well as a tort (a wrong that involves a breach of a civil duty, other than a contractual duty, owed to someone else). Thus, if someone is the victim of a personal injury such as an assault, they may be able to receive compensation for the damages they incurred due to the assault. Further, the assailant may be prosecuted by the government.

If you have been the victim of an assault in Oklahoma you may need a good Tulsa assault attorney. The Gorospe Law Group personal injury lawyers are highly experienced in assault cases and we can help you get the justice you deserve.

If you have been the victim of an assault that caused you or a loved one to suffer a personal injury, call one of our Tulsa personal injury lawyers today.

Child Injury

At the Gorospe Law Group our Tulsa personal injury and child injury attorneys are experienced with cases involving injury to children.

Its difficult to imagine our own children as victims of someone else’s negligence. Children can be injured by an accident at daycare, by a defective toy or by dangerous playground equipment. Unfortunately, children just as susceptible as adults to a careless driver or a dangerous condition at a business causing a slip and fall.

If a child is injured in an accident, the parent can bring a claim on the child’s behalf. Any recovery made on behalf of the child can be used to pay medical bills and be put into trust until the child’s eighteenth birthday. If your child is injured due to another person’s negligence, you will need an experienced Tulsa child injury lawyer.

Defective Toys

Every year thousands of children are injured while playing with toys. Unfortunately, hazardous toys remain on the shelves at toy stores and in our children’s hands. If your child has been injured by a dangerous toy call us for a free evaluation of your case.

Daycare Accidents

Everyday parents drop their children off at daycare trusting that their children will be safe and kept from harm. Unfortunately, sometimes that trust is broken when daycare personnel or equipment negligently injures a child. If your child has been injured in an accident at daycare you will need an experienced lawyer.

Playground Injury

Playground injuries often occur because the owner failed to exercise ordinary care. Sometimes playground injuries could have been prevented with the presence of safety mats and safety equipment, and/or repairing broken or worn equipment. If you or your child has been injured in a playground accident, call us for a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

Class Action Lawsuit

A class action lawsuit, or a representative action lawsuit, is a form of lawsuit in which a large group of people collectively bring a claim to court and/or in which a class of defendants is being sued. Class action lawsuits are often brought by a class of consumers that have been injured by a defective product.

If you feel you are part of a class of people that have been harmed by another, you may need professional legal representation. At Gorospe Law Group our Tulsa attorneys are experienced in class action lawsuits. An experienced class action lawsuit attorney will get you the justice you deserve. Call or email the Gorospe Law Group for a free initial consultation today.

Medical Malpractice

When a doctor makes a mistake in diagnosis or treatment, it raises a number of concerns, first and foremost being the well-being of the patient and the impact of the error on his or her condition. Eventually, the incident may raise a different sort of red flag, when the patient asks whether the doctor’s mistake amounts to medical malpractice. The answer may be more complicated than you might expect.


If you feel that you, or a loved one, may be a victim of medical malpractice contact the Gorospe Law Group Personal Injury Law Firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma today!

The Personal Injury Attorneys at the Gorospe Law Group are experienced in medical malpractice cases and are available 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week to help you.

Sever Burns

The Gorospe Law Group Personal Injury Attorneys have helped people that have been burned by the negligence of another. Innocent people can be burned in a motor vehicle accident.

Burns can happen when the skin is exposed to heat (from fire or hot liquids), electricity, corrosive chemicals, or radiation (UV rays from the sun or tanning beds, or radiation treatments). Burns are classified as follows, according to the severity of tissue damage:

First-degree burns — affect only the outer layer of the skin (epidermis), causing pain and redness.

Second-degree burns — extend to the second layer of the skin (the dermis), causing pain, redness, and blisters that may ooze.

Third-degree burns — involve both layers of the skin and may also damage the underlying bones, muscles, and tendons. The burn site appears pale, charred, or leathery. There is generally no pain in the area because the nerve endings are destroyed.

Between 1 – 2 million Americans seek medical attention for burns each year. Most burns occur at home, at work, or are part of an injury from a motor vehicle accident. Between 50,000 – 70,000 people are hospitalized for burns every year in the United States, 30 – 40% of whom are children younger than 15 years of age. Most burns in children come from scalding liquids. All burns — even minor ones — may cause complications if not properly treated. Skin is the body’s natural barrier to infection, and burns destroy that protection. People who are burned are very prone to developing infections, so treatment usually involves preventing or treating infections.

Slip and Fall

Every day thousands of people are victims of slip and fall accidents that are completely avoidable if the keepers of the premises maintained their premises in a safe manner. If you are a victim of a slip and fall injury you may be in need of a good premise liability attorney in Tulsa.

To be legally responsible for the personal injuries you suffered from slipping or tripping and falling on someone else’s property, one of the following must be true:

The owner of the premises or an employee must have caused the spill, worn or torn spot, or other slippery or dangerous surface or item to be underfoot.

The owner of the premises or an employee must have known of the dangerous surface but done nothing about it.

The owner of the premises or an employee should have known of the dangerous surface because a “reasonable” person taking care of the property would have discovered and removed or repaired it.

The third situation is the most common, but is also less clear-cut than the first two because of those pesky words “should have known.” Liability in these cases is often decided by common sense. Judges and juries determine whether the owner or occupier of property was careful by deciding if the steps the owner or occupier took to keep the property safe were reasonable.

Spinal Cord Injury

Our attorneys have helped people that have suffered spinal cord injuries from car accidents and motorcycle crashes.

Spinal cord injuries are a type of personal injury that usually begin with a blow that fractures or dislocates your vertebrae, the bone disks that make up your spine. Most injuries don’t sever your spinal cord. Instead, they cause damage when pieces of vertebrae tear into cord tissue or press down on the nerve parts that carry signals. In a complete spinal cord injury, the cord can’t relay messages below the level of the injury. As a result, you are paralyzed below the level of injury. In an incomplete injury, you have some movement and sensation below the injury.

If you or a loved one have suffered a personal injury specific to a spinal cord injury due to another’s negligence, call a professional personal injury lawyer today.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Every year millions of people in the U.S. sustain head and brain injuries. More than half of the types of personal injuries are bad enough that people must go to the hospital to seek professional medical help. The worst cases of these personal injuries can lead to permanent brain damage or death.

Half of all traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are due to motor vehicle accidents. Symptoms of a TBI may not appear until days or weeks following the injury. Serious traumatic brain injuries need emergency treatment.

Treatment and outcome depend on the injury. TBI can cause a wide range of changes affecting thinking, sensation, language, or emotions. TBI can be associated with post-traumatic stress disorder. People with severe personal injuries such as head or brain injuries usually need rehabilitation.

“Traumatic brain injury can have wide-ranging physical and psychological effects. Some signs or symptoms may appear immediately after the traumatic event, while others may appear days or weeks later” -Mayo Clinic

For more information on the symptoms of traumatic brain injury visit the Mayo Clinic website.

Head Injury

People can receive personal injuries such as head injuries from a number of ways.

A head injury is any trauma that leads to injury of the scalp, skull, or brain. The injuries can range from a minor bump on the skull to serious brain injury.

Head injury is classified as either closed or open (penetrating).

  • A closed head injury means you received a hard blow to the head from striking an object, but the object did not break the skull.
  • An open, or penetrating, head injury means you were hit with an object that broke the skull and entered the brain. This usually happens when you move at high speed, such as going through the windshield during a car accident. It can also happen from a gunshot to the head.

There are several types of brain injuries, including:

  • Concussion, the most common type of traumatic brain injury, in which the brain is shaken.
  • Contusion, which is a bruise on the brain.

Common Head Injury symptoms:

  • If you experience headaches, nausea or sleepiness that seem to be getting worse
  • Abnormal nausea that has not gone away
  • Irritability, confusion or other changes in behavior
  • Dilated pupils or pupils that vary in size
  • Noticaeable issues with motor skills like walking or speaking
  • Drainage of fluids or bleeding from your ears or nose
  • Vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Numbness in the arms or legs or general and consistent abnormal weakness.

Workers’ Compensation

Have you been injured on the job?
Gorospe Law Group represents people in claims for lost wages and medical treatment expenses against private industry, state and local government employers and their Workers’ Compensation insurers.

Our personal injury and workers compensation lawyers are professional, reliable and dedicated to ensure that your rights are protected when making your claim against Workers’ Compensation insurers. We will ensure that you are provided with the medical care that you need and the legal representation you deserve.

Have you or a loved one been injured on the job? Call us today at 918-582-7775.


Construction zones can be extremely dangerous if those in charge do not exercise extraordinary care and follow standard safety regulations and guidelines. Construction accident injuries come in many forms. Typical construction worksite dangers include ladder accidents, scaffolding accidents, forklift injuries, crane accidents, falling objects/debris and electrocutions.

If you are injured in a construction accident, call our experienced Tulsa attorneys at Gorospe Law Group for a free consultation and let our knowledge of Oklahoma law and personal injury or premise liability law work for you.


A fall from a broken or unsecured ladder while on a construction site can result in broken bones, neck injuries, back injuries, or even spinal cord injuries, paralysis, or death. The severity of a ladder accident may vary, but where a third party was at fault for your injury, you may be entitled to significant compensation for those injuries and disabilities.


Construction workers often have to use scaffolding in order to perform their work. When a worker falls from scaffolding, or when scaffolding collapses, it can cause them or others life-altering injuries. Such injuries include head injuries, spinal cord injuries, and broken bones.


Millions of forklifts are in used in construction sites and industrial settings. Forklift accidents account for many thousands of severe injuries and a large number of deaths each year in the United States.

Our personal injury attorneys can help you if you have been injured in a forklift accident.


Cranes are instrumental in any large construction project. They also create potential hazards. Those hazards can come from overloading, side pull, outrigger failure, Outrigger failure, Hoist limitations, Two-blocking, Killer hooks [without a throat latch], Boom buckling, Upset/Overturn, Unintentional turntable turning, Oversteer/crabbing, Control confusion, Access/egress and Power-line contact.

If you have been injured by a crane accident, call us today.


Construction sites can often be hazardous because of falling objects. Sometimes workers or equipment can recklessly cause objects to fall and injure innocent people.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to falling objects, call one of our lawyers today.


Construction sites can often be hazardous because of falling debris. Sometimes workers or equipment can recklessly cause debris to fall and injure innocent people.


Electrical contact at a construction site is a very dangerous possibility. Crucial in these types of cases is the ability to capture and preserve photographic and documentary evidence as well as arranging immediate evaluation by experts at the site. Electrocution cases may require a forensic pathologist, an electrical and a civil engineer.

Wrongful Death

Sometimes people pay the ultimate price for another person’s negligence. The pain and misery of losing a loved one should not be intensified by wondering who will take care of the deceased family, who will pay for the deceased’s medical bills, who will pay for the loss of your loved one.

The loss of a family member due to another’s acts can be the most difficult time of your life. Let our lawyers ensure that you will be taken case of and that the responsible party pays for the damage they did to you and your loved one.

If you have suffered the unfortunate experience of losing a loved one due to another, contact the Gorospe Law Group.

Bicycle Accidents

Every six hours a bicyclist is fatally injured in America. Head injuries account for seventy-five percent of all serious injuries and deaths from bicycle accidents. Negligent drivers are a major factor in bicycle accidents. If a driver makes a turn, pulls out of a driveway or alley, or opens a car door without being observant they are putting bicyclists in danger. Injuries sustained to bicyclists may be fatal because of the lack of protection that a bicycle provides. There is no competition between a bicycle and a vehicle that weighs thousands of pounds. Drivers must be held accountable for the injuries that they cause.

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