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Drowsy Driving: Is It an Occupational Hazard for Truck Drivers?

Many truck drivers find themselves working against the clock. Delivering their load as quickly as possible brings them and the companies they work for the biggest profits, but at what cost? Many drivers are chronically sleep deprived because they push themselves beyond their limits to make more money and meet strict deadlines. Sleep deprivation is

Avoiding Personal Injury – Tips For Young Drivers

Gorospe Law Group: Personal Injury Law Firm in Tulsa: Experience Young drivers typically bring enthusiasm but little, if any, experience to operating a motor vehicle. Poor judgment in driving skills means that novice drivers need to compensate by taking their time, making wise choices and focusing on the task at hand, including keeping their eyes

Sometimes the good guys win!

Congratulations to Anthony Gorospe's clients that received a verdict from a Tulsa county jury last night! The jury heard the evidence and returned a verdict over 1/3 more than State Farm was willing to settle for. Sometimes the good guys win! Personal injury attorney Anthony Gorospe

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Tulsa World Reports on Gorospe Law Group Client Lawsuit

City of Tulsa loses suit against motorcyclists injured in collision with Tulsa police officer City Council approves a $150,000 court judgment stemming from a police cruiser hitting riders. By SAMANTHA VICENT World Staff Writer | Read full article   After over four years of the City of Tulsa not taking responsibility for a motorcycle accident

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Motorcycle Safety – Avoid Accidents and Personal Injury

Riding a motorcycle is fun, but it is also dangerous. Here are some tips for you new riders to help you avoid Tulsa Car Accident Lawyer. Whether they’re buying a new or new-to-them motorcycle, motorcycle riders need to be prepared even before they take that first ride. Motorcycle Helmets Prevent Injury Riders who are buying

DUI – Oklahoma Law Lowers Blood Alcohol Limit for Boaters

The Oklahoma legislature recently passed a new law that targets operators of boats and watercraft. The new law lowers the legal blood alcohol limit from 0.10 to 0.08 percent. With this new blood alcohol law in place authorities are strengthening their warnings and advising people to drink responsibly on the water to avoid boating accidents

Oklahoma Supreme Court Justices

On November 6, Oklahomans will be asked whether they want to retain 4 Oklahoma Supreme Court Justices. The Oklahoma Bar Association is providing information about the justices and courts in general at www.courtfacts.org. We encourage everybody to read this and learn the facts about courts. Oklahoma

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